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Our Story

USPM’s Chairman David Gee was perfectly candid when he said, "I know how you have felt, watching and hearing communication from USPM over the past few weeks.  I have the right to say that I know how you feel, because I too am an investor in this USPM."

"When I first decided to invest, like you, I perceived the convergence of trends that was turning "treatment medicine" into "preventive medicine."  I believed in what we could do for people.  Then I became quickly disillusioned with what I saw occurring at USPM."

After taking an in-depth look  at the company’s financial disarray,  David Gee created:
  • a new, independent board of directors 
  • a well-thought-out plan to reorganize the company
  • principles of fiscal responsibility that were sorely lacking.  
This reorganization and restructuring of the company is rapidly bringing USPM back to the point where it can reach its true potential.
To effectuate this reorganization, Mr. Gee immediately stepped up and took a leadership position.  He created a team of top notch specialists and immediately started turning  things around.  You all have the opportunity to hear webinars, open mike shareholder meetings and have received personal phone calls detailing the dramatic progress that has been made in just a couple of months.
The USPM business model is working.
In the past, USPM essentially put together everything that the shareholders and interested partners believed they could do to bring preventive medicine to the forefront.  This included products, systems, technology and an understanding of the mission.  David Gee has swiftly initiated what was missing.  Now we have a business plan and the true management skills and business acumen needed to move forward.   
This dramatic turn-around cannot be fully accomplished by just one or a handful of people.  It is going to require shareholder assistance in the form of additional investments.  
A number of shareholders, including David Gee, have stepped up personally and reinvested. But we still need additional capital from you so that the USPM dream can achieve its full potential.  

With the new leadership, you can be assured that your investment monies will be spent in a fiscally prudent fashion (unlike the past) to reap dividends for all shareholders. The additional  investment you make would be akin to "financial preventive medicine" and would allow you to protect the investments we have all already made.  You are being asked to back your belief that preventive medicine is the true wave of the future and USPM can be a leader in that movement.

Chairman, USPM Board of Directors

David Gee, ChairmanDavid Gee
David Gee is a hands-on entrepreneur and business owner. He was made an executive at the age of 24 after becoming the top sales person in a multi-state company and being recognized as a business thought leader. He started a logistics company in 1977 that has been in the top 1% of the industry for financial strength for more than 20 years. David became treasurer and later board chair of the transportation logistic industry’s largest association in North America. He piloted numerous programs that brought success to this $700 billion industry. David was one of four owners of an internet company that started in 2004 with a $30,000 investment and sold in 2008 for $75 million. A radio station he bought in 1997 was sold ten years later for 6x its initial cost. His business acumen is now being applied to the restructure of USPM.

Staff Belief In Our Cause

In an unheard–of gesture of solidarity, USPM staffers have taken over. They have told management to get out of the way and let THEM talk to shareholders. These people are the men and women who work daily with the clients and members of US Preventive Medicine. They are the folks on the front line who know, better than anyone, the huge difference that USPM programs makes in people's lives. They know how we are saving lives, and increasing the quality of life, everyday.

There is a good chance you will be hearing from one of them over the next few days. They are eager to tell you first-hand what they have seen happening at USPM, the difference being made by the new transparent culture and fiscally prudent measures taken by the new leadership.

When they're done talking to you, they'll go back to mentoring and coaching and helping our many customers. But for now, they want to be sure you know the USPM story. Their heartfelt sincerity will touch you and give you even more respect for our mission and why it deserves your continued support. 

David Gee adds — "Thank you all for reading and listening to our story. It is really your story as well. I hope you will support the next step of the USPM recovery process by increasing your investment in USPM. This will provide the new leadership with the opportunity to succeed in making USPM a profitable company so that it can continue its important missions of helping others get More Good Years and providing return on your investment." 

Thanks for reading and listening to our story. It is our story too and we hope you will support the next chapter. Use your user name andpassword to enter the shareholder link at the top left, for the rest of the story. Or send an email to

Here's to More Good Years.

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